Kayuragi Incense

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WHAT IT IS: Nippon Kodo Kayuragi Incense

WHY WE LOVE IT: This is the incense for people who don’t like incense. The lingering scents are a million miles away from the flea-market incense you’ve smelled before. These are far more subtle and completely addictive. The more you burn them, the more you love them. We’re obsessed with them!

HOW TO USE IT: We love the ritual of lighting an incense stick in the beautiful cast-iron tub. Like so many Japanese things, it feels elegant, refined, and incredibly well-designed. It’s as far away from old-school, hippie patchouli as you can get.

GOOD TO KNOW: After the tendrils of smoke have cleared, the room is left with a beautiful, lingering scent. Perfect for meditating, the at-home yoga routine you’ve been meaning to get around to doing, a little me-time in the bath, getting rid of any stinky smells, or your next hostess gift.


Aloeswood: Rich and deep fragrance similar to Sandalwood, but lighter. Our favorite! 

Osmanthus: Sweet, fruity, and floral with woody bottom notes.

Pomegranate: Fresh and fruity with a tangy note of citrus for a perfectly balanced fragrance

Narcissus: Green floral notes of clear and velvety narcissus

Plum: Juicy red plum with woody and floral notes.

Each box contains 40 incense sticks. Each stick burns for about 25 minutes.

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