Original French String Market Bag
Original French String Market Bag Original French String Market Bag

Original French String Market Bag


What it is: This is the real-deal, expandable, super durable, knitted string market bag you’ve seen on stylish zero-wasters everywhere.

Why we love them: These roll up into nothing, so we just keep them in our regular bag all the time. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it doubles as a super-chic beach bag. It’s sturdy enough to carry all your stuff and the sand falls right through by the time you get back to the car. Genius.

Good to know: These are totally machine-washable (we recommend using a mesh lingerie bag so they don’t get tangled in the machine). There are cheap imitations out there, but none of them have the strength and durability as the real ones knitted in France.

Details: 100% cotton.


Do you know why you forget to bring your reusable shopping bag to the market? Because they’re big and ugly. That’s my excuse anyway and I’m sticking to it. 

I always end up using some gross plastic bag in the trunk of the car, or (more usually) doing the walk of shame trying to carry all of my groceries back to the car in my arms like a tool. 

So, I was scrolling through my feed and I kept seeing these seriously chic net bags on the arms of stylish Zero-Wasters everywhere and at last, I FOUND THEM. 

Filt French bags are the OG, reusable market totes. They were made popular in 17thcentury France, where fishermen in Normandy would use a special technique to knit these crazy sturdy, expandable cotton string bags for nets, hammock and of course, filet de provisions (net market bags). 

They’re super strong, roll up into nothing, are machine washable and do double duty as a cute beach tote. All the sand falls though by the time you get to the car! Get two. 

Vive Le France!