Merchant Mills

Rapid Repair Kit

WHAT IT IS: A travel-sized silver tin with everything you need for a fashion emergency.

WHY WE LOVE IT: You always keep a first aid kit in the house, right? You should have one for your clothes, too. This little kit is full of needles, thread, pins, safety pins, extra buttons, and even a tiny pair of scissors to make your next wardrobe malfunction a lot less dramatic.

HOW TO USE IT: Whenever you have your next rip, tear, or missing button simply open the kit and extract the proper tool. Sew a button on, safety pins a ripped seam, or snip the loose thread. Ability to sew not included.

GOOD TO KNOW: The perfect travel companion. The silver-etched tin is pretty, but it also means you can see it glinting no matter how big your bag is.

DETAILS: Made by Merchant & Mills, a British company known for its stylish approach to sewing.

PACKAGING: Silver-etched tin.

MATERIALS: Black thread bobbin, white thread bobbin, needles in a glass tube, pins, safety pins (varied x 3), shirt buttons, paper tape measure, and monogrammed scissors.

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