Shaman's Market

Soapstone Smudge Bowl


WHAT IT IS: A small bowl used for holding a candle, smudge stick, or sage bundle.

WHY WE LOVE IT: Yes, we’re saging our homes now. Burning sage or Palo Santo sticks is a legit way to get rid of airborne bacteria, but it can also improve your mood, and cleanse your space of bad energy. This soapstone bowl is the perfect place to burn your stick and is pretty enough to use as a decorative object to hold jewelry, lipgloss, keys, spare change or just sit there looking good when not in use.

HOW TO USE IT: For burning sage or Palo Santo, we recommend using it with a little dry sand at the bottom.

GOOD TO KNOW: Genuine soapstone colors will vary slightly from green to brown. 

DETAILS: Made in India. Solid Soapstone. 4" Dia 2.5" H. Wash by hand.

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