Soma 10-Cup Water Pitcher


WHAT IT IS: The best-looking pitcher-filter out there. 

WHY WE LOVE IT: The Scandi design of this pitcher means it’s just at home on the table during a dinner party as it is in your fridge. 

HOW TO USE IT: Place your pitcher underneath the tap, and turn it on. Fill it up, let it filter through, and enjoy. 

GOOD TO KNOW: The filters use activated coconut shells and charcoal to remove any zinc, copper, chlorine, mercury, copper, from municipal tap water. 

DETAILS: Always hand wash the pitcher, and remove the filter beforehand. Use a little bit of mineral oil on the bamboo handle to prevent cracking. 

DIMENSIONS: 9" L x 6" D x 10.5" H; Can hold 10 cups of water

MATERIALS: BPA-free plastic, sustainable bamboo handle, a filter made from 65% plant-based, renewable materials.

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