Biocol Labs

Travel Kit


WHAT IT IS: The BEST bon voyage gift we’ve ever received. It’s the ultimate plant-based Wellness Kit for the modern traveler.

WHY WE LOVE IT: Because it has everything we needed to stay healthy while traveling! It’s like they know us. It has something for everything. Keeping us calm, relieved, energetic (and less gassy) during our trip.

HOW TO USE IT: Use the dreaming spray when your jet lagged, the mini-rehab when you’re in distress, the bloated tums for poor digestion, and the immunity shot for when you’ve got a weakened immune system, or the occasional cheeky hangover!

GOOD TO KNOW: Formulated using only botanical extracts, minerals and vitamins!


Made in Portugal.

Kit Includes:

1 Dreaming Spray x 30ml.

1 Mini Rehab. 10 capsules.

1 Bloated Tums. 10 tablets.

1 Immunity. 2 shots x 15ml.


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