Kotobuki Trading

White Pocket Clippers


What it is: A sharp, portable pair of clippers that you can take with you anywhere.

Why we love it: This tool is a stylist’s best friend, because it can really do anything. Do you need to run out and cut some hydrangea blooms? Easy. Have to cut open your fifth Amazon package of the day? Done. Can’t get back into the salon? Cut your split ends yourself and spend the money you just saved on something else.

How to use it: Just unsheathe your clippers, and slice, trim, and cut to your heart’s content! As always with blades, be careful.

Good to know: They are extra chic and slim enough to fit in your pocket.

Details: It comes sheathed in a well-designed white case, complete with pocket clip. So you can always be ready.

Materials: Stainless steel blade. White ABS case with pocket clip.

Dimensions: 4 1/4 inch blade length.

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