The Wellness Beauty Products Our Team Buys for Themselves

The Wellness Beauty Products Our Team Buys for Themselves

At any given time, we stock dozens of products dedicated to bettering your life. And while most of those products are smartly designed and beautifully made for around the home (looking at you, Turkish Towels) we know how important it is to keep your bathroom stocked with natural, organic products that are effective, too.

So sure, we know how to make an All-Purpose Cleaner that keeps every room in your home spick and span, but we also know about life-changing face oils, a non-watery Castile body wash that'll literally make your day (or night), and a vegan lip balm so good, you'll find three other uses for it.

That said, we asked every Murchison-Hume team member for their favorite beauty products across MH and Heales—and here's what they had to say.



 Heales AHA Cleanser 

 Heales Konjac Sponge 

 Mason Pearson Handy Hairbrush 

 Spruce Paper Spray 

"I love everything from Heales, but right now, I'm using the Organic AHA cleanser on repeat"  I use it at night with my Konjac Sponge and it makes my skin feel smoother and brighter. Like a nightly reset. My Mason Pearson Handy Brush is one of my “grab it in a fire” beauty essentials I use every single day. It’s pricey, for sure, but I regard it as an investment in my hair & scalp. A two-minute brush out in the morning at night makes my scalp tingle and those famous boar bristles distribute oils evenly from root to tip. Last (but not least!) I love the Spruce paper spray. We actually have a bidet, but I still don’t feel properly ‘clean” unless I’ve used it first. Another essential game-changer.”



 Heales Hair Oil 

 Heales Eucalyptus Face Wash

 Heales Finger Lime Serum

“After years of bleach and highlights this hair oil has made the biggest difference for my tortured hair—and it smells amazing. I like to use it as a mask on WFH days for extra soft hair. My other favorite is the Eucalyptus Face Wash. The non-foaming formula doesn't dry out my skin and I love the tingly clean you get afterward. At night I follow cleansing with their Finger Lime Caviar Intensive Serum before moisturizing. It brightens my complexion and evens out weird dark spots and breakouts."



 Deborah Lipmann Genie in A Bottle 

 Heales Moisture Boosting Body Oil

Heales Dry Brush

“I like how versatile this product is,” says Global Sales Manager Gertrude Omega. “It can be used alone after showers to moisturize and even out skin tone or with a dry brush before showering. And the smell is so amazing, I wear it as a perfume! I’m also loving the Genie in a Bottle nail enhancer between manicures. It's not a polish, but an easy to use topcoat type polish that just makes my nails look healthier.”



 Heales Face Oil

 T-Shirt Masks and Mask Straps 

 Travel Safe Surface Spray 

“This is a before-bed essential to keep my skin feeling hydrated throughout the night. There are no essential oils or Fragrance to irritate my skin and  I always wake up with the most radiant, dewy glow in the morning after using it!"

“I LOVE to travel. And these cotton-knit masks are so comfortable and easy to wear, I didn’t mind wearing them, especially with the strap that keeps it around my neck all day. Sometimes I’d even forget I was wearing it! From now on, whenever I travel or if I’m feeling a cold coming on, I’m going to wear one like they do in Asia as a considerate practice to protect myself (and everyone around me).

The Travel Safe Surface Spray is another new must-have. I spray it on Uber seatbelts, restaurant menus, door handles, and even my hands as a fallback hand sanitizer wherever I am. I keep one in my car and always have one in my bag. The fresh Lemon Myrtle scent works as an air freshener, too."



 Heales Body Wash 

 Heales Eucalyptus Face Wash  

 Erbaviva Sunscreen 

 Rahua Classic Conditioner 

I don’t buy soap anymore,” deadpans Marketing Manager, Adrian Werner. “The Rauha shampoo and Heales Body Wash are all-around superstars in the shower. This body wash is thick, not watery, like other Castile soaps I've tried. Rosewood Leaf scent is a personal favorite. I used to shave with soap. Not anymore! The creamy texture and fresh smell of this face wash make it perfect for shaving – and it doesn't irritate my skin. Great for those with more sensitive skin like myself. Outside of the shower, I like the Erbaviva sunscreen because I can use it on my body and my face. More room in the beach bag.”



 Hurraw Vegan Lip Balm 

 Wonder Valley Face Oil

 Heales Clarifying Organic Shampoo Bar 

“I love to use this vegan lip balm, which glides on like butter, on my lips—and also on the tops of my cheekbones and the bridge of my nose for a dewy, subtly radiant look. And if my skin is looking tired or parched, I tap on this super-rich face oil to amp up the glow factor.  On the other end of the spectrum, I love how the peppermint and tea tree oils in this shampoo bar help release my scalp of any oily or built-up residue after a long week of styling and restyling with a lot of dry shampoo. I like to use it once or twice a week to help bring bounce and shine back to my often-lifeless and dull hair.”