3 Genius Fragrance Oil Hacks For A Great-Smelling Home

3 Genius Fragrance Oil Hacks For A Great-Smelling Home

We’re big fans of our Room & Linen Spray: The Basil, Mandarin, and Kale scent is fresh, clean, and smells just as good lingering in the air as it does freshening up your furniture. Just a couple of spritzes of our scented spray will freshen the air while eliminating odors—it can subtly scent your bed linens, curtains, and upholstery, and we spray it in the house, in the car, or anywhere we want a little burst of fragrance.

But what if you can’t actually spritz it when you need a burst of a fresh, clean scent? For times when we need something else, we use our Fragrance Oils. The signature Murchison-Hume oil blends are designed for use with our Car Diffuser, but you can use them in your oil diffuser, on dryer balls, or anywhere you want to amp up your home's signature scent. Not only do we boast a seemingly never-ending list of addictive scents like Coriander, energizing Australian Rosewood Leaf, refreshing Lemon Myrtle, English Red Currant, and Australian Buddha Wood just to name a few, but they’re formulated in concentrate form so they’re extra long-lasting, too!

Ahead are three Fragrance Oil hacks we’d write home about if we could (and we can’t, so we’re writing it here)!

Inside Your Toilet Paper Roll (…And Similarly, Inside Your Paper Towel Roll)

Not to be gross, but every single time you go to the ‘loo, you release an odor in the air. Instead of keeping a candle lit 24/7, try splashing a few droplets of your favorite Fragrance Oil inside the roll before you put it on the holder. Each time you use it, a subtle burst of fragrance gets released in the air—and your guests will have no idea where it’s coming from! (Maybe they’ll just think your bathroom naturally smells that chic.) Try the same trick with your paper towel roll in the kitchen!

On Your Fake Plants

To be clear, this is *only* safe for things that are dried—or fake! I love to dry out roses, eucalyptus, and pampas grass and leave them in little vases around my home, but when I miss the scent of freshly cut flowers, I give my Fragrance Oil a few shakes and add it to the leaves or stems of my dried flowers. In my humble opinion, Basil Mandarin Kale and Australian Fig are best for this use!

At The Bottom of Your Tissue Box

Okay, this is a sneaky trick that requires a touch of skill. I love to use tissue box covers (like this one or this one) to disguise the typical swirling pattern that comes on most. But before I place the tissue box in its home, I open up the package from the bottom and give it a few shakes of Australian Rosewood Leaf or Lemon Myrtle, both of which are essential oils. You’d think it would make the box overwhelmingly smelly, but instead, it gives each tissue a subtle scent that’s barely perceptible—but makes the entire room smell great as soon as you grab one out of the box!

Et voila! Enjoy your beautifully chic smelling home!

xx LC