7 Easy Zero-Waste Swaps For The Kitchen

7 Easy Zero-Waste Swaps For The Kitchen

The zero-waste movement has made a huge splash in recent years, and for good reason: We’re all way more wasteful than we should be. But as that Netflix documentary showed us, even though big corporations market single-use plastic products as recyclable, most of that plastic never gets a second life.  

That means it’s up to us—and reducing individual waste shouldn’t be that difficult, right? Swapping out a plastic straw for a paper or metal straw, or taking a reusable water bottle with you are some super-simple swaps you can make while out of the house to cut down on single-use plastics. But what about at home? As it turns out, there are tons of small changes you can make in your kitchen—which is traditionally the most wasteful room in the home, just ahead of your bathroom and laundry room—to get closer to a zero-waste lifestyle.  

  1. Zero-Waste Swaps: Use a Water Pitcher   We’re all guilty of grabbing a bottle of water or a can of Lacroix when we’re on the go sometimes, but when you’re hanging out at home, just fill this refillable 10-cup water pitcher with water from the tap. If you’re craving something with flavor, add freshly sliced lemons, a few sprigs of mint, or even cucumber peel that you’d otherwise discard to the water. (The latter may not look as pretty, but it’s a great alternative to composting if you don’t like to eat the cucumber’s skin.) 
  2. Zero-Waste Swaps: Use a Compost Collector   Speaking of composting, an easy way to reduce waste from food scraps is to practice composting. Plus, our Compost Collector is attractive enough to leave out on the counter—and it includes a carbon filter to block odors. Just fill it with any vegan food scraps, close the lid, and once it’s full, transfer it to your composter to make the richest fertilizer you’ve ever used. 
  3. Zero-Waste Swaps: Brass Straws   Even if you don’t typically use a straw at home, our reusable Brass Straws can add a touch of flair to any cocktail or water. Ours comes with a chic linen zipper pouch and portable cleaning brush, so you can get in the habit of bringing them on the go with you so you’re not at the behest of any restaurant’s single-use plastic policy.  
  4. Zero-Waste Swaps:Linen Napkins   Realistically, replacing paper napkins with something reusable is one of the most simple switches you can make. Real cloth napkins are obviously more sustainable than disposables, but they also make any meal feel fancier, even if it’s just scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast. Our linen napkins, which are made from a premium Turkish linen-cotton-blend, come in pristine winter white and muted olive green for those who want to avoid even the possibility of an unsightly stain.  
  5. Zero-Waste Swaps: Waffle Weave Towel   Again, the kitchen is one of the most wasteful rooms in the house for a reason: Not only do we discard food scraps that could easily be composted, but if you grew up using paper towels for every little spill, it’s a hard habit to break. Try challenging yourself to swap them out for a reusable towel, like our Waffle Weave Towel, for just one week. They’re even more absorbent than a paper towel, and they’re sturdy enough to use on both delicate glassware and heavy-duty drying. Plus, they’re made from 100% genuine Turkish cotton, so they get softer and softer with each wash. We promise you won’t even think about going back. 
  6. Zero-Waste Swaps: String Tote Bags   One of the easiest changes you can make outside the home is to quit using single-use plastic bags. We like to throw one of these 100% cotton String Totes into our purse just in case the mood to shop strikes. Plus, they’re great for holding things other than groceries, like flowers or poolside picnic supplies.  
  7. Zero-Waste Swaps: Cleaning Concentrates and Reusable Bottles   It might seem easy to just order another bottle of Windex off Amazon when you’re running low, but not only are traditional cleaners filled with controversial chemicals like such as ammonium hydroxide, but the plastic bottle it comes in is hardly recyclable, either. Instead, swap your traditional home cleaners with our Cleaning Concentrates, which are strong enough to tackle everyday dirt, grime, and surface stains—and each bottle makes two regular-sized bottles of cleaner. Just pour half of the mini concentrate into an empty 17oz (500ml) spray bottle and add water for a less wasteful change. You can even use our peel-and-stick Glass Decals to label the cleaner. (Don’t have a spare bottle? We’ve got those, too—and our Amber Glass Bottles are tinted to keep our natural, non-toxic formulas from oxidizing.) 
  8. Zero-Waste Swaps: Woolzie Dryer Balls   Dryer sheets seem like an essential, but they’re also a single-use product with a better alternative: dryer balls. In fact, our Woolzie Dryer Balls these wool dryer balls bounce around in the dryer, creating space between your clothes, towels, or linens better than any regular ol’ dryer sheet could. The hot air moves around better, which means your items are done faster. Plus, it naturally softens your clothes and reduces wrinkles. Just a few tiny changes can go a long way! Plus, these zero-waste swaps make for great gifts, too. Ps. Don’t forget to add a few drops of Laundry Fragrance, for that extra hit of delicious scent! 

Just a few tiny changes can go a long way! Plus, these zero-waste swaps make for great gifts, too.