Don't use an Airplane bathroom without this!

Don't use an Airplane bathroom without this!

We've all been there. When faced with a less-than-lovely Aeroplane bathroom situation, you really only have two choices:  

  1. Hold your nose and try not to touch anything or... 
  2. Do something about it!

I make cleaning products for a living, so it's hardly surprising that I choose the latter. I take a little "Go Bag" for the plane whenever I fly. In it, I pack:

  • Tissues 
  • A sturdy nail brush to keep my hands as germ-free as possible. 
  • Face Oil. The cabin air is very drying.
  • Hand Cream (ditto) 
  • A clean eye mask for those Do Not Disturb moments. 
  • A clean face mask with a mask strap (yes, still) 
  • Advil 
  • Emergen-C Immune Support powder
  • Neosporin and Cotton Buds. I always coat my nostrils with it to avoid getting sick. 
  • Garment Groom. Because I always manage to spill something in-flight. Plus, it's also essential for keeping clothing fresh while traveling.  
  • Travel Safe Surface Spray. I use it on everything from the minute I buckle into my seat. I clean the seatbelt, tray table, touch screen, remote, and everything I touch in the bathroom. 

You definitely want to use the bathroom after I've been in there. I spray the door handle, the lock, the seat, the taps, and the entire sink basin. I even pick up towels that people throw on the floor. It's not just for me; I like to think of my efforts as a Public Service and a courtesy to the next passenger! 

Unlike other surface cleaners, you don't need to open a window (which is frowned upon in airplanes, anyway). This natural formula is strong enough to neutralize germs but safe enough to use on High Chairs. The native Lemon Myrtle Australian plant extract has roughly 4 x the anti-microbial punch of Tea Tree oil (but smells much better). It's TSA-compliant and comes in a travel-friendly 100ml bottle, so you can keep your environment safe & clean wherever you go, whether it's across town (or the planet). 

Happy Trails, 

xx, mlk