Easy DIY Pumpkin Centerpiece

Easy DIY Pumpkin Centerpiece

Nothing makes me feel more smugly self-satisfied than when I manage to pull off something that looks super stylish and expensive but isn't!

I first saw these gorgeous pumpkin centerpieces in 2017 on the Jenny Kayne blog, Rip & Tan. She got hers from hipster nursery Rolling Greens in Los Angeles, but at $90+ each, they were way above my budget for Thanksgiving table decorations.  

I did a deep dive and found an easy DIY post at Better Homes and Gardens. They turned out so well, I've done them every year since.  

Top tip: If you wait until later in the season (like after Halloween) you might even get your pumpkins for free! But be warned: I was caught out once when all the pretty “Fairytale” or “Cinderella” pumpkins were sold out, so grab at least a couple, just in case.   



  • Fairytale Pumpkins I like to get about one large one, plus two small pumpkins for every 2 feet of table space. Then I get more to decorate around the house. Alright! I get as many as I can find if they're free. #sorrynotsorry 
  • Cut Succulents You’ll need more than you think. I cut these succulents from my yard, but I'm not above snipping some from a park or municipal green strip. They grow back healthier after pruning! 
  • Sheet Moss from a craft store or Amazon. 
  • Kraft Paper or Newspaper
  • Glue Gun Get the cheapest one. The “professional” ones are the same. 
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Disposable Gloves are a good idea.  


  • Step one, lay everything out on the Kraft paper/newspaper.  
  • Spray only the top of the pumpkin. Press the moss onto the top of the pumpkin.  
  • Now, trim your succulent stems. I keep mine short because tall centerpieces are annoying and block cross-table conversation.  
  • Heat the glue gun and apply a dot of warm glue to each succulent stem.
  • Stick each succulent wherever it looks good! 
  • Make sure you rotate your pumpkins as you add your succulents so they look good on all sides.  
  • Stand back and marvel at your creative genius.  

These will last until well past Thanksgiving if you keep them out of direct sunlight and give them a little spritz of plain water once a week. This is honestly the easiest and most satisfying crafting project I’ve ever done. And I don’t know how to craft anything.  

Happy dance! 

xx, mlk