how to clean up after you use the bathroom

Skincare for Down There

We spend a lot of time and money on our skincare routines, but we’re missing a bit. The truth is, if you’re wiping with toilet paper alone, you’re not getting as clean as you could be. Think about it: You wouldn’t roll around in the mud, wipe yourself off with a dry towel and expect to be clean, right? Same thing.   

SPRUCE FRESH Toilet paper spray turns ordinary toilet paper into a natural wet wipe. The fact is, if you want to be truly clean, you’ve got to get wet.   

And traditional wet wipes are not the way to go. They're terrible for your skin and worse for the environment. Most are made from paper woven from plastic and contain alcohol, synthetic fragrance or other potential irritants.  

Spruce is made with facial quality, with natural ingredients to clean, refresh and condition your undercarriage, at home or on the go. It’s safe for sensitive pubic areas and underarm use. I keep one in every bathroom at home and always have one in my bag. They’re TSA compliant and ready to use anywhere, anytime you need a little…sprucing up.   

It comes in a delicious Organic Peach scent, and we hear Coconut is in the works (!).   

BTW: You probably figured this out, but it has the added benefit of acting as a natural air freshener each time you use it.   

Who doesn’t love a Two-for-one?

xx, mlk