Leather Cleaner and Garment Groom: From The Runway To Your Living Room

Leather Cleaner and Garment Groom: From The Runway To Your Living Room

At Murchison-Hume, we’re all about style. We love looking good, whether it’s the way we decorate our homes, how we get dressed in the morning, and yes, even cleaning beautifully.

As a former fashion and beauty editor, our founder Max Kater knows more about looking good than most people. Leather Cleaner and Garment Groom are two of our products that embody her expertise best, because they work just as hard for your closet as they do your home. And during a year when we’ve spent way more time inside than we have dressed up out of it, these multi-tasking products have been put to the test.

If you treat it properly, leather is one of the most durable fabrics out there. That perfect black leather motorcycle jacket you have? It could become a family heirloom. Our Leather Cleaner is specially formulated to naturally clean, condition, and protect your leather from any cracking or grime. Just spray onto a cloth, clean thoroughly, and buff to a high shine.

The next time you get a fabulous bag or new booties, treat it with our LC before using it so you won’t have to worry about water damage. It also does so much more than clean your leather. It’s also safe for use on vinyl, wood, plastic, marble, rubber, tires, hard side luggage and rain boots!

When she was producing photoshoots and models were trying on all these gorgeous, expensive samples, Max always had to clean them up afterwards before sending the clothing back. They used a magic Italian spray that removed stains and odors….but it also smelled harsh and was full of chemicals.

Garment Groom is an all-natural, beautifully scented alternative to those industry favorites. While you may not be going to photoshoots all the time, chances are you do go to the dry cleaners. Did you know that dry-cleaning is actually super harsh on your fabrics? You can actually make your favorite pieces of clothing last longer by using Garment Groom for spot-cleaning, instead!

And if it just smells a little off or looks rumpled, you can use it for overall freshening too! Lightly mist garment being careful not to over wet. Sweep dry with a clean white cloth. Hang to air dry completely. Voila! You’re runway fresh.  

Look, we get it - it’s not like we’ve all been spending a ton of time in our finest dresses and suits this year. It’s a lot less parties and a lot more date nights on the couch. Which just means your couch could use a little extra love, too. Garment Groom works on all upholstery, so your sofas, slipcovers, and curtains can look their best.

What’s the home equivalent of being ready for the runway? Your living room will be ready for Architectural Digest in no time.