Good health starts in your mouth

Good health starts in your mouth

Good health starts in your mouth. It’s true.

By now, we’re all aware of the connection between what we eat/inhale/use on our bodies and our overall health. So this year, I’m doing a total stock take on all the stuff in my bathroom to make healthier swaps.

For example, we’ve just begun to wean ourselves off of plastic toothbrushes and our foaming toothpaste habit and swapped them out for something healthier. BTW: It’s actually amazing how many creepy chemicals we’ve been putting in our mouths for decades without even giving it a second thought. But better late than never, I say!

After an easy toothbrush and toothpaste upgrade, I started thinking about how I can go further to improve my family’s dental hygiene routine. A while back, I was reading a lot about Himalayan Pink Salt and how much better it was for you than ordinary salt. I was so impressed that I wrote a little post about it and we’ve been using it exclusively in the kitchen ever since. I buy it in bulk to cook with but I also picked up a couple of these Pink Salt Bars.

They’re actually marketed as an alternative to soap, but I’ve been using them for years to clean my toothbrush and naturally whiten my teeth. 

After I brush with toothpaste, I rinse off my brush, and scrub it on the bar to clean it and to leave trace amounts of the salt on the bristles. The next time I brush, there’s a little bit of healthy mineral salt on the brush and the natural antimicrobial kick from the pink salt keeps it nice & clean. Win-win!

Himalayan Pink Salt has over 80 naturally occurring minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and manganese that all help to build strong + healthy teeth, bones and gums. It’s all good stuff and a super easy way to bolster your oral health every day.