Home Fragrance IS Personal

Home Fragrance IS Personal

You may not want to hear it, especially if you just forked over $90 for a bottle of Santal, but people tend to smell like their homes. It is a fact of life you simply cannot escape, especially when it comes to laundry and linens. 

But don’t feel too bad; it goes both ways, your personal scent impacts your home’s scent too. Everything from your shampoo to what you use to wash the dishes blends together to create your home’s scent. We promise you, the first thing people will notice when they walk into your home will be the smell, what could be more personal than that?

The good news? You might be able to stretch that $90 out a little longer if you aren’t fighting against layers of different detergents, cleaners, and whatever else might be lingering around the house. We all know less is more when it comes to perfume or cologne! So what can you do? Create a scent for your scent around your home that blends seamlessly with the way you want to smell out and about. 

Creating a scent around your home isn’t a one stop shop, we wish it were that easy, but keep reading and you’ll be ready to transform your home’s scent in no time.

Figure Out Your Laundry Scent

This is a big one. You probably don’t realize it, but all that hot air from your dryer needs to go somewhere. Most likely it’s pumping your chosen detergent through your air vents and circulating it around your home. If you don’t already LOVE the smell of opening your dryer then it’s time for a change. Not to mention the fact that you’ll be bringing this fragrance everywhere you go (as long you’re wearing your clothes that is). First choose a laundry soap with a scent that’s subtle but elegant- ideally more flexible fragrance. Then add a dash of something special and unique to the mix- this is where you can really get creative. And you don’t have to wash your clothes every time you want to refresh your scent- the right fabric spray can save you hours.

Eliminate The Ugly Smells

This is a CLOSE #2, and can actually mean a few different things. Maybe you have an area of the home that doesn’t get enough attention from one week to the next- we get it- no shame. Or maybe you’re stuck using a product that you can’t find an effective replacement for but can’t stand the smell. MAYBE it’s the dog bed. For me it was my dish soap, I never realized how awful it was until I switched to something better! Find whatever area or product is dragging down your home and kiss it goodbye.

Put Something in The Air

Last but not least, more importantly the most fun step: put something in the air. This is so easy because there are so many ways to do it- maybe it’s a room spray, or maybe you're an incense fanatic. Personally I’m a candle girl because they check off two boxes: they circulate a great smell and look incredible on almost any shelf or table. What more could you ask for?

 xx mlk