Home Office Refresh: 9 Chic Set-Ups To Inspire Your Work-From-Home Space

Home Office Refresh: 9 Chic Set-Ups To Inspire Your Work-From-Home Space

It’s no secret that working from home is the new norm—and most people will prefer a 10-second walk to their dining table over an hour-long commute across Los Angeles. But you don’t have to resort to transforming your kitchen counter into your makeshift workspace to have a proper desk, even if you aren’t sure that you have room for one. Even more, it’s possible to move away from the sterile, corporate setup with overhead lighting and ugly office chairs in exchange for something that feels, dare we say it, stylish.


Ahead, 11 chic at-home office setups to inspire your work-from-home space.


Yep—the same place that you’ve used exclusively to store winter coats and holiday decorations has a lot more potential than you’d think. Clear the way for a rug, a desk, and some smart shelving. The low ceilings won’t bother you when you’re sitting, and you’re likely to get a lot of peace and quiet from a space in your home that’s inherently more closed off.

Go Green

If clutter isn’t your thing, you may want to skip the jungle—but if plants help regulate your mood, don’t be afraid to double down on them in your space. Not only will it make your desk feel less sterile, but it’ll perk you up all day long.

Turn A Foyer Into A Work Space

Sure, you could use your mudroom as a mudroom—or you could transform it into the perfect sun-drenched work-from-home setup of your dreams.

Go High

Don’t just think about eye-level organization. Make your WFH setup instantly more chic with an extra shelf, even if it’s just a decorative addition.

Transform A Small Space

Disguise your workspace in an alcove with a monochromatic table and light decor, like a touch of foliage.


Utilize the entirety of your small space with shelving and a whiteboard where a cumbersome computer screen would go.

Small Space Inspiration

You may not have to work from a converted shipping container, but this setup can provide some inspiration for a similarly small place.

Built-Ins or Bust

Even if you don’t live (or work) in an estate, take inspiration from the way this designer used vertical space via built-ins to make this home-office set-up efficient

Gallery Wall

The gallery wall isn’t a new design trend—but adding it to your home office definitely is. Give your space some personal love with a few well-placed photos. When your computer’s off, it’ll just blend in.

While you’re at it, grab a few WFH desk essentials!

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