Housekeeping Tools That Make Cleaning Fast & Easy

Housekeeping Tools That Make Cleaning Fast & Easy


Gone are the days where we’d have to shuffle around with a mop and bucket to clean our floors. (And thank goodness: Most of the time, we’d just be moving the dirt from one place to another—not getting rid of it!) While there are tons of high-tech tools that promise to keep your home spick and span (looking at you, Roomba), not all of them have to scare your dog half to death—or require a ton of elbow grease—to get the job done.  


Instead, we rely on a few easy (totally-pet-friendly) housekeeping tools that make cleaning fast and easy. Ahead, the seven items we rely on for a weekly deep-clean. 


All-Purpose Cleaner 

It should go without saying that an All-Purpose Cleaner should cut cleaning time in half, mostly because you can use it in every room in the house. A natural and effective all-purpose cleaner, it’s strong enough to tackle everyday dirt, grime, and surface stains, without the use of harsh chemicals. Use it on any surface not harmed by water, such as granite, marble, finished wood, tile, laminate, and plastic.  


Compost Bin 

Composting is an easy way to get into the zero waste life, and this sleek bucket is attractive enough to leave out on the counter and includes a carbon filter to block odors. Just add your fruit and veggie scraps to the bin, and close the lid. Once it’s full, transfer it to your composter to make the richest fertilizer you’ve ever used. 


Mesh Scouring Cloth 

For anyone in the know on fashion, add a strap to this scouring cloth and it could double as a Paco Rabanne handbag. For anyone in the know on domestics, it’s the last heavy-duty pot scrubber you’ll ever have to buy.  


If you like to roast, braise, sauté, fry, broil, or bake, you need this guy. Just soak pots in warm, soapy water, then use the mesh to scrub away at leftover residue like you would a scouring pad and watch every crusted-on crumb fall away. It’s also a great way to test if your friends have archival knowledge of a heritage fashion house.  


Feather Duster

The original ostrich feather duster is perfect for dusting super delicate-but-dusty things like plants and lampshades. It works without disturbing fragile things. Just gently dust horizontal and vertical surfaces to remove dirt and soil buildup, then shake the duster outside to release the dust. Plus, it’s made from sustainably harvested ostrich feathers so you can feel good about using it—and leaving it on display. (If we’re honest, we also just love the whole Victorian vibe of it.) 


Wooden Bottle Brush 

Don’t worry about trying to reach into your disposable water bottles, vases, or other cylindrical homewares. Instead, this wooden bottle brush efficiently scrubs the inside of your favorite glasses and water bottle. The bristles are made with natural fibers that allow for gentle yet effective scrubbing, without harming even your most precious glassware. 


DIY Labels 

Trying to consume less plastic? Now you can make your own bottles with these official Murchison-Hume product labels. Use them with our amber glass bottles and trigger sprayers or pumps for an arsenal of cleaning supplies you won’t want to tuck away. 


Updated Mop-In-One 

Don’t worry: We’re not about to recommend you spend your hard-earned money on a bright green eyesore like a Swiffer—but the idea of a floor cleaner that quickly and efficiently picks up dirt and grime from your floors with a washable attachment is one we can get behind.