How Often Should You Wash Your Sheets?

How Often Should You Wash Your Sheets?

Some say once a week, others think twice a month suffices—and if you were my mom, you’d spend two decades trying to convince your family that no fewer than two times a week is the only hygienic way. So how often should you wash your sheets?  

Why You Need To Wash Your Sheets More

Every night, you shed dead skin cells, saliva, and sweat—and all of it goes directly on your sheets. In fact, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, humans shed upwards of 50,000 skin cells per day; if you’re sleeping with a partner, your gloriously comfortable bed can quickly become a cesspool of bacteria. Over time, that build-up can damage or stain sheets if not tended to properly. (Even worse, it can result in dust mites, which is a problem nobody wants.) That said, while it’s really up to you and your sleeping habits, most experts agree that washing your sheets once per week is a good rule of thumb. 

Factors to Consider

Of course, there are tons of factors that play into what works for you: Do you sleep in pajamas or in the nude? Do you allow pets in your bed with you? Are you someone that tosses and turns, or sleeps like a rock? Do you have recurring acne that you can’t seem to grow out of? If you’re sleeping sans clothes, expect to wash your sheets more often, as you might be getting fecal matter (!!!) on your sheets—and if you let your pet in bed with you—even just on the covers—that could contribute to extra funk that dust mites thrive on. 

Use Warm Water

While you might be tempted to scorch your bedding in the wash, the best temperature to wash your sheets in is warm water. Hot water can fade most colors, and it can be too harsh for fine threads. Alternatively, cold water likely won’t truly clean your sheets. And you can certainly hand-wash your sheets, but experts agree that the washing machine is the best place to get rid of stains and bacteria. Start with a detergent that’s suitable for use on all washables like silk, linen, wool, and most synthetic fabrics, like our Laundry Soap

Grease Stains from Hair & Skincare Products

Here’s a fun trick: For any grease stains from face or hair oils that didn’t soak in before I laid down, I run white chalk along the entire spot, as the limestone soaks it up. For other stains, spritz on a few pumps of a natural pre-treatment and stain remover, like Garment Groom. While hanging your sheets to dry is the most environmentally friendly option, city-dwellers and those in cooler climates: Add fragrance oil to your wool dryer balls to subtly scent your sheets, and always finish with a little spritz of Room & Linen Spray for that “just washed” feeling every day of the week!  

I like to pick a day every week to wash my sheets to keep myself accountable—for me, it’s Saturdays. That way I can sleep in on Sunday without a care in the world.