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How to Avoid Dry Hands This Fall Season

Hands are the first thing to age. Did you know that? Yet they’re the last thing we think about when it comes to skincare! I’ve always suffered from dry skin, but recently I’ve started noticing little freckles forming on the backs of my hands from too much sun exposure/age/whatever and I’m not having it. Nope! I’m determined to stop the clock on my hands aging as best I can. These are the most common culprits to dry hands and how to combat them: 

Wear Gloves 

Gloves are the best way to prevent dryness and sun damage. Whether you’re driving or washing the dishes, remember to glove up! BTW: Most dish soap has harsh detergent, and while that’s great for washing dishes, it can be tough on your hands. If you don’t like wearing gloves, you can also use a dish brush to put something between you and the suds. Of course, you can skip the gloves if you use a gentler dish soap without the unnecessary roughness. 

Moisturize Like it's Your Religion

It may seem like a no-brainer, but so many people go without regularly moisturizing their hands. If you’re already suffering from dry hands, we have two important tips for you. First, make sure you apply hand cream every time after you wash your hands. Every. Single. Time. Second, slather some on before bedtime. You’ll be moisturizing in your sleep and you’ll be giving it plenty of time to soak in and take effect. 

Avoid Harsh Sanitizers 

I’ve got nothing against Hand Sanitizer. I don’t like it, but I get it. These days, it’s a necessary evil. As you probably know, the main ingredient in most hand sanitizers is alcohol, which just plain dries your skin out. Instead of regular sanitizer, I carry this instead. As soon as I get home, I wash my hands properly, and never skip the cream!  

Use a Better Body Wash 

Your hands are connected to your body, right? Everything you use from your head to your toes washes over your hands. Time to re-think your shower suds. Most commercial Body Wash is based on SLS (Sodium-Lauryl Sulfate). It’s fantastic at creating big, synthetic bubbles, but it’s even better at drying out your skin.

Upgrade Your Hand Soap 

Last but not least, use moisturizing hand soap. Duh. Washing your hands all day with supermarket soap won’t do your skin any favors. Just like with hand sanitizer, when you’re on the go, you can’t always be in control of where you’re going to get your next hand wash. But you certainly can in your own home! Treat yourself, and your guests to a soap that won’t leave your hands dry (and smelling basic). 

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