How to Clean: Glass Shower Doors

How to Clean: Glass Shower Doors

You know that white film that clouds up your glass shower doors? That’s soap scum, Missy! What the living what is soap scum, you say?
It’s what you get when fatty acids from your body oils meet mineral deposits in hard water. Gross.  This chemical meet & greet forms a cloudy bond that coats the inside of your shower doors and stays there. For. Like. Ever. 


So how to get rid of it? There's a lot of advice on the Interweb about how to handle it, but most of it involves making a smelly a paste with vinegar and baking soda. No, thank you! 

If you’ve really got nothing better to do than make paste and you happen to like the smell of pickles in the shower, go for it. Otherwise, I highly recommend another, much simpler method. 


That’s right. Aluminum foil. Like the kind in your kitchen drawer right now. I know it sounds crazy, but My Husband, Mr. Handsome, happens to be a glass expert (don't ask). He showed me how a little ball of foil can rub out any soap scum cloudiness clinging to your shower glass. It's true. It works. I watched the whole thing with my jaw on the tiles. After 20 years, I figured I knew all the tricks in his toolbox. Nope! Honestly, I was gob smacked. 

When he started doing it, I thought for sure we'd be looking at a scratched shower door and a lost security deposit. Opposite day! 

He got right in there in his birthday suit, sprayed it down with some Glass Cleaner and the little foil ball cut through the cloudy mess like a hot knife through butter! It took about 5 minutes and after he was done, he took a shower and wiped the glass clean with a squeegee and the shower door looked BRAND NEW. Amazing. It also works on chrome, BTW, but that's another post. 

Here's what to do: 

1. Any foil will do.

2. Work from the top down. You can do this naked, but I didn't. You're welcome.

3. Once wet, scrub entire surface with foil ball.

4. Rinse.

5. Squeegee dry.

That's it!

Try it tonight. But not in the nuddie, unless it's with our Glass CleanerThere's stuff out there that will melt your feet.