how to clean your shower head

How to Clean Your Shower Head

Why do we ignore the shower head when cleaning our bathrooms? Maybe we just assume it's clean because water is always coming out of it? Or maybe it’s just because it’s not quite at eye level. Either way, those days are in the past. If you’ve begun to notice your water pressure decreasing, or your hair sporting a different post-wash texture, it’s probably time to clean your shower head. It doesn’t take long for minerals, grime and heavy metals to build up all around your shower and especially in your shower head. Cleaning your shower head is necessary not only to your shower’s appearance but also to your own cleanliness. If you notice subtle white spots scattered around your fixtures, then you should definitely keep reading. 

How to Remove Your Shower Head

Check to see if your shower head is a screw-on, removable model or fixed in place. It’s typically a little easier to clean a shower head when you can remove it, but there are plenty of ways to clean a fixed one as well. If it is removable, take it down and begin to look for signs of hard water or limestone buildup. 

Create a Cleaning Solution

For removing grease, grime, and mineral deposits, we want to use something with a little bit of acidity. We recommend using one part vinegar and one part all-purpose cleaner. The acidity will dissolve the basic minerals and also keep you from using your APC in one go. If you have a concentrated formula this is a great time to use it. If your shower head is removable, place it in a bowl of the solution and let it soak for a few hours. This will kill the bacteria and loosen up any deposits. If your shower head is fixed, we’ve got a hack for you, fill a plastic bag with the same solution and tie it to your fixture- you’ll get the same soak!

Brush the Nozzles

An old toothbrush can come in so handy sometimes. Grad some dish soap and take to your shower head in circular motions. Try and use the bristles to get into the smaller holes in your shower head for a deeper clean.You may have to use a pin, needle or to carefully unblock rubber or plastic nozzles. If you can unscrew and open up your shower head now is the perfect time to do so. Scrub from both the inside and outside if you can! This is also the perfect time to replace the filter if you have one as well. 

Soak, Rinse & Start Using!

Give it a full rinse and another soak in warm water before you reattach your shower head. Of course, the best rinse will be clean water going through the head itself. Once you’ve gotten all the soap, vinegar solution and grime off the head, reattach it and run it on the hottest setting for 1-2 minutes. That’s it! Your shower head is clean and ready to start using. After all that cleaning it’s probably time to hop in and rinse off…