How To Do Less Laundry

How To Do Less Laundry

Look, we’re not knocking laundry. Oddly enough, folding towels is one of my absolute favorite things to do while meditating. (Does it still count as meditation if I’m doing something else?) But doing less laundry helps your clothes last longer and for the environment. n’t waiting until you have a full load or buying more pairs of socks that’ll just overflow in your drawers. Instead, doing less laundry just means being more strategic and proactive: Unlike workout clothes or underwear, you don’t have to wash every towel after every use—or change your sheets twice weekly, even if your mother tells you otherwise. 

Refresh Your Clothing Fragrance

Of course, if your sheets smell musty or are just plain dirty, you’ll need to wash them. (Same goes for anything in your T-shirt drawer.) But if you’re just in need of a little refresh, Room & Linen Spray should do the trick. An odor-eliminating scented spray, Room & Linen freshens the air and can also subtly scent your bed linens, furniture, and even clothes. The basil, mandarin, and kale smell of this spray is fresh, clean, and smells just as good lingering in the air as it does freshening up your throw pillows. Give your linens a weekly spritz and rejoice in the fresh scent each time you get in bed. 

Spot Treat Whenever Possible

For anything with a small, forgivable stain, try using Garment Groom before you toss it directly in the wash. A natural stain-fighting, fabric freshener, and laundry pre-treat for all of your clothes, Garment Groom is the easiest one-step stain-remover that’ll keep you out of the laundry room.

Avoid Double Drying

And lastly, if you’re sick of running the dryer again, even though the first cycle should have been sufficient, try wool dryer balls like these from Woolzie. They cut drying time in half by creating more space between fabrics. Add some Fragrance Oil to them for an added fresh scent.  

Eventually, you’ll need to finally throw your sheets and towels in the wash, but this should keep you covered for at least a few days! 

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