How To Make Your Home Look More Expensive In Minutes

How To Make Your Home Look More Expensive In Minutes

Oftentimes, we don’t sit back and examine our living space from an outsider’s perspective until we’re having company over—or it’s time to sell the house. But why wait until you’re leaving to spruce it up? It’s easy to make your home look more expensive, cozy, and inviting with a few simple and often affordable updates —none of which involve a single coat of paint. Ahead, five easy ways to make your home look more expensive in minutes.



1. Home Fragrance

You know that feeling you get when you walk into a department store and it just smells…expensive? Scent is often the first thing we notice about a space, so make sure yours is one that feels inviting and warm. Sure, you can do that with a weekly spritz of Room & Linen spray in the living room, bathroom, and bedroom, but candles, incense, and diffusers can do the trick while doubling as decor, too.


2. Vessels

The only thing worse than clutter is poorly used empty space, which differs from negative space in that it’s not usually intentional. Small vessels like soapstone jars, trays, or smudge bowls can bring a space together, as well as offer a home for jewelry, knickknacks, and even single-stem flowers or dried eucalyptus.


3. Throw Blankets

A soft throw blanket can add warmth to an otherwise stale room—especially when it’s not the focal point. Choose a soft throw in a neutral color, like gray or cream, and drape it just so over the couch or sitting chair.


4. Faux Plants + Flowers

I’ve never been a huge fan of fresh cut flowers, mostly because their lifespan is so short (and let’s be real, I have trouble keeping them alive!). Succulents, faux plants, and dried flowers, however, can also add depth to a room when incorporated the right way. A large ficus in the corner of the living room, for instance, can be the backdrop of a living room vignette, while a few well-placed succulents or pampas grass stems can be the finishing touch your mantle needs.

Before heading to your local nursery, take note of how much light each space in your home gets so you can choose the proper plant for it. And once you’ve picked one out, be sure to grab a planter with a hole at the bottom and a tray so the water can properly drain. (For real plants, I always recommend repotting them with fresh soil and rocks to give the plant a steadier water supply.)


5. Add a Mirror

A mirror is a quick, albeit sometimes pricey way to add depth and dimension to you home. Not only can it open up a space within seconds, but it tricks the eye into believing your living room (or bathroom, or dining room) is more spacious than it really is. A large leaning mirror is usually the most effective choice, but a simple wall-hanging style can do the trick, too.


A few quick and simple upgrades will have your home feeling like a million bucks!