How to Make Your Laundry Smell Like Oprah’s

How to Make Your Laundry Smell Like Oprah’s

For decades “laundry fragrance” had a certain type of smell. You know the type. It’s nice and fresh, but kind of industrial and soapy.  

Yeah, that’s not this.  

We dug deep and looked at all kinds of laundry techniques from the best houses and laundries around the world and, (surprise, surprise) the French do it best. They add little sachets of dried Lavender mixed with perfume to subtly scent their laundry. They also bolster the scent by sprinkling scented water on linens while ironing.  

The result is a subtle-but-still-there delicious scent that permeates every textile they wear and use in the home. It’s the kind of scent that doesn’t hit you in the face. You have to chase it, but it’s there. It’s how we imagine Oprah’s laundry smells.   

We created a set of 3 distinct, but complementary scents that you can use to achieve that same type of rich fragrance for your laundry. You control the fragrance level and can even layer them to create your own, signature scent!  We think they're going to rock your laundry basket.   

Vive le beauté du linge!