How To Organize Your Bathroom Products (& Keep Them That Way)

How To Organize Your Bathroom Products (& Keep Them That Way)

Organizing any space can be a challenge, but that’s especially true for the bathroom. Not only is storage a common issue, but products like makeup, skincare, and haircare can easily take over the often-small space. The good news is that you likely only need a few hours to get your bathroom completely organized, and we found some inspiration and products to help keep it that way. Ahead, the five steps to get your bathroom organized once and for all.  


Step 1: Take Everything Out 

An essential step in organizing everything—especially in a small space that can get grimy fast—is to make sure it’s truly clean. Take every single product out of your bathroom, including inside drawers, cabinets, or extra storage space, and wipe down every surface (yes, inside drawers, too) using a natural, non-toxic cleaner like our All Purpose Cleaner, which is great for every surface in your home, or our Bathroom Cleaner Concentrates, which specifically tackles gross bathroom grime and eliminates odors that can linger. That way you can rest assured knowing you’re starting with a clean slate.  


Step Two: Take Stock 


Oftentimes, we hold onto products “just in case”—even though they may have been wrong for our skin type, or worse—they’re long past their expiration date. Throw out everything you’re not using, and if it’s unopened, try donating it to a women’s shelter that accepts beauty products.  


Step Three: Delineate 


Do you always do your makeup in the mirror above the sink? Do you find yourself moisturizing right when you’re out of the shower, before you’ve even stepped off the bath mat? Find zones for each category of items that make the most sense—then start thinking about the best way to organize everything with labels in full view as best as you can.  


Step Four: Put It All Back 


For bigger products like hairsprays, spare shampoos, or body lotions, wrangle them with our renewable Bamboo Caddy; unlike those cheap-looking plastic bins, this caddy is so cute that you won’t even want to stash it away.  

We like to use small mirrors or trays, like our Large Porcelain Tray, our White Marble Tray, or our Soapstone Plate as catch-alls for fragrances, skincare products, candles, or other items we find ourselves reaching for every day. There’s just something about placing everything on a single surface that makes it look like it belongs there. 



Even more, you can use our Alabaster Jar or Black Soapstone Jar as vessels for makeup brushes, cotton balls, or even dried flowers. For rings, this Smudge Bowl, which can also house matches, sage, or a palo santo stick, offers a beautiful home. 


Step Five: Keep It That Way 


Take 15 minutes out of your week to make sure you’ve actually put things back where they belong, as well as wipe down any high-traffic surfaces. Bathrooms can be one of the germiest rooms in the house, so keeping everything clean is just as important as keeping it organized.  

Don’t forget to have fun with it—organizing can be annoying, but you’ll feel so accomplished when you’re done!