How to Scent Your Home

How to Scent Your Home

Finding the perfect fragrance is no joke. One that feels like you, one that's just enough, one that will leave an impression. Most of us spend major time and money just to smell good and let people know it. But what about our homes’ smell? 

There's nothing like that feeling of walking into a home and noticing a certain smell (either good, bad or just different). Whether we mean to or not, it’s one of the critical factors that help us form an opinion of the space and the people that occupy it: Clean, sexy, stylish…cats?  

The fact is, a home’s scent is a direct reflection of its occupants. Before family and friends begin flooding over to celebrate the holidays, now is the perfect opportunity to experiment and fine-tune your home’s signature scent. A home that smells good not only makes a good impression, it's also just a nicer place to be; for you and your guests! There are a couple ways of going about it, but we’ve broken it down to the basics. 


Trying to mask household odors with fragrance won’t do you any good (we’re looking at you, Febreeze). You wouldn’t apply makeup to a dirty face, would you? No. Bad smells mean something needs cleaning, something that is most likely housing bacteria. So it’s time to wash the dishes, flip the laundry, empty the litter box, and maybe open a window or two. Ah see, better already! 


Everybody loves a candle. They instantly create an atmosphere, add great lighting, and a premium scented one elevates the space with a sophisticated scent. When it comes to scented candles, you can go one of two ways: Either stick with one good scent and use it throughout the house, or layer several complimentary scents to create your own, unique signature scent at home. Just make sure they’re complimentary… 


Diffusers go great where candles cannot. Places you might not want an open flame. Think the nursery, closet, or anywhere a pet could reach. The thing about diffusers is that they’re super low-maintenance. Simply set them and forget them. I like to match the fragrance of my diffuser to whatever candle scent we’re burning for an extra boost of fragrance. I also flipping your reeds every 2-3 to freshen-up the scent. 


Not only do they look gorgeous, houseplants literally help to clear the air in your home. They take in carbon dioxide and give fresh, clean oxygen right back to you. You could even purchase a flowering variety to really  ramp up the fragrance. 


Oil diffusers have come a long way from the plastic eyesore versions you see on Amazon. Some of the best ones actually look like chic decor pieces. They let off a super fine mist infused with your favorite essential oils for a hint of fragrance. Just add water and a few drops of fragrance and you're good to go. Another plus, like plants, these diffusers also help to add moisture to the air. 


Hands down the quick and easy way to get a hit of fragrance anywhere you want it. Don’t cheap out on this step and buy one at the super Marché’. If you’re going to go there, you need to do it right. I like to spray a little bit in areas that may need a little refresh. A bit on the curtains, the sofa cushions, and inside my linen closet to keep my folded things from getting too stuffy.  


Probably the most polarizing of Home Fragrance options. You either love them or hate them. Personally, I could never get behind them. Even the thought of burning patchouli-scented smoke in my room gives me a headache. However, these ones by Nippon Kodo are next level and a totally different experience. Trust me, they’re worth a try. 


Those dusty dried flowers in bowls your Mom had scattered around the house in the 80s, remember those? Yeah, so do I. I suppose they work to scent a room if you're into them, but once you’ve seen your Husband actually try and eat some, it’s a deal-breaker for me. 


This is a tiny bit of effort that makes a huge impact, like flowers in the bathroom. I always dab a little of our favorite scent onto a wool dryer ball once the cycle is done. Not only does it infuse our sheets, towels, and clothes with a delicious scent, it makes the whole house smell amazing. Once the laundry is done, I’ll also stick a few in my dresser or any other drawers that need a refresh. 


I almost hate to recommend it because I’ve almost burned the house down doing it before! But if you’re actually cooking something smelly (like brussel sprouts or fish) a small pot of simmering water with a few cinnamon sticks, cloves, and orange peels goes a long way toward covering up those smells. Especially great over the holidays! Just don’t leave it on the stove while you do something else… 

Like it or not, your home does actually have a smell. You might as well take the steps to make it a good one! 

xx mlk