The 3 Brushes Everyone Needs in the Kitchen

The 3 Brushes Everyone Needs in the Kitchen

At MH, we love a solid multi-tasker. If a product performs more than one job (and looks good doing it) we’re sold. However...there are some areas where specialization is not only appropriate, it’s kind of necessary. I’m talking about brushes, Possums! Specifically Dish Brushes. Like glasses, knives and pillows, you can’t do every dish with just one type of brush. Not properly, anyway.  

Doing the dishes like a pro means you’ll need at least 3 types of brushes in your arsenal at a minimum. Each has a separate function and they’re designed to work together to keep you covered in the kitchen. They’re gorgeous to look at, sustainably made and biodegradable. The Dish Brush even has optional Replacement Heads which amps up the smug factor considerably. 

Classic Dish Brush

This is brush is good for almost anything you have in the sink. The handle is the perfect length for optimum scrubbing with or without gloves, and the medium-stiff sisal bristles are strong enough to tackle baking pans, and still safe for your best dishes. The head is replaceable so when the bristles start to wear down, you can check the old head into the compost, and snap a new one on which saves money. Brilliant. 

The Pot Scrubber

This mighty little brush fits perfectly into your hand for maximum scrub power. Talk about leverage. Just add 2-3 pumps of dish soap to the bristles. Don’t be afraid to scrub pots and pans vigorously. The brush is designed with super tough Mexican Palm bristles that effectively scrub yet won’t scratch or wear down the surfaces of your favorite pots & pans. 

The Bottle Brush

bottle brush

This brush puts an end to broken wine glasses at the sink. Specially designed for water glasses, wine glasses, water bottles, baby bottles and other hard-to-reach places that need scrubbing at the bottom. It’s narrow design allows you to efficiently scrub the inside of your favorite glasses and water bottle without damage. The bristles are made with natural sisal fibers that allow for gentle yet effective scrubbing, with no scratching (or breaks).   

Dishwashing isn’t anyone’s favorite chore. But these 3 brushes will make the job a little easier (and a lot better looking).   

Happy Scrubbing! 


Xx, mlk