Feeding Bowls That Fit Your Style

Feeding Bowls That Fit Your Style

For a long time, I rolled my eyes at anyone that called their pet their “baby.” And then I got one. A six-year-old pit bull mix that we rescued from a local shelter, Remi was gentle, whip-smart, and in major need of some love. We crate-trained her within weeks and before her second birthday, she could sit, lay, shake, take commands, and do just about every other trick in the book. But one habit she never shook: pushing her food bowl around while eating. She even started doing it with her water bowl when she was hungry or seeking attention, so I’d end up with a mess of a kitchen at least a few times per week.


In an attempt to problem-solve, I bought the bowl that stuck to the ground, and I even contemplated nailing one to a slat on the kitchen floor, but no dice. It wasn’t until I bought her a ceramic dog bowl—which is just as easy to clean and indestructible for most pups—that she kicked the habit.

While most chain stores push stainless steel dog bowls, they’re usually an eyesore. Even more, they’re easy for dogs to push around and spill water or food everywhere.

Our Ceramic Dog Bowls make Fido’s mealtime a whole lot chicer—and due to their heaviness, they’re especially useful for dogs that like to push the food bowl around while they eat. Made from 100% ceramic, they’re easy to clean, dishwasher- and microwave-safe, and the Faux bois relief pattern makes them pretty enough to serve at your own table.

To celebrate this new launch, we’ve bundled the Pet Bowl Set with our new Organic Pet Shampoo that smells like an absolute dream (if your dreams are filled with clary sage and fir needle). Grab the set for your furry friend or treat your favorite pet owner to the gift of style.

xx LC