Introducing: Murchison-Hume Fragrance Oils

Introducing: Murchison-Hume Fragrance Oils

Our signature scents have always been what makes Murchison-Hume so special. Along with our iconic brown bottle packaging, our sophisticated fragrances are what set us apart from the crowd. So, it’s with much pleasure that we can finally announce the launch of our unique Fragrance Oils.

Choose from 10 exclusive scents to fragrance your home, laundry, (and even your car). The Fragrance Oil collection includes the same Murchison-Hume scents you know and love, along with some new, natural essential oil blends.

How to use our Fragrance Oils:


Murchison-Hume Car Diffuser

The new Murchison-Hume Car Diffuser The art deco-inspired lines and beautiful solid stainless steel make it a world away from a traditional "car freshener" and more like jewelry for your car. Just add a few drops of your favorite oil into the felt locket, clip it into the vents. It also makes a thoughtful, practical, and beautiful gift for almost anyone worthy of the gesture.


Fragrance Diffuser

If you already have a fragrance diffuser, you know the drill. We love using Campo’s Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser for bigger rooms. It’s an easy way to subtly scent a space and do a little light aromatherapy.


Room Freshener

Put a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil blend into a DIY amber-brown spray bottle, fill it with water, and voila! A room spray that elevates you out of the drugstore aisle and into something much more elegant.


Laundry Fragrance

You asked, and we delivered. Now you can choose your favorite fragrance in a single scent or opt for our Laundry Fragrance Set to try all 3. Just add a few drops to your Woolzies dryer balls at the end of your dryer cycle to subtly scent your laundry and linens. It’s the kind of thing that makes people lean over and ask you what perfume you’re wearing.


Shop our Fragrance Oil Singles  now.  Available in Basil Mandarin Kale, Original Fig, Japanese Quince, English Red Currant, Coriander, Australian White Grapefruit, Australian Sandalwood, Australian Rosewood Leaf, Lemon Myrtle, and Australian Buddha Wood.