Laundress Recall

Natural Cleaning You Can Trust

Some of you contacted us this week about a recall over health concerns from another luxury, natural cleaning products brand. We want to reassure you that Murchison-Hume products are safe and completely free from harmful bacteria contaminants.

READ OUR LABELS. We've always been proud of the ingredients we use in our formulas. We know how important it is to know and trust the products you bring home. That's why we list all of the ingredients on every one of our product labels and websites.

FULL DISCLOSURE. There is still no requirement in the United States or Australia to disclose a complete list of ingredients on all household products. But we do it anyway because it's the right thing to do. Some of our competitors use vague language like “ionic and non-ionic surfactants.” This is just a sneaky way of not listing a specific ingredient. That's not good enough for you, or for us.

SAFE & RELIABLE PRESERVATIVES Our preservative system, Phenoxyethanol, is a trusted and stable antibacterial agent. It is proven safe and effective in preventing bacterial growth in cream and liquid formulas. We use it at the lowest possible concentration (below 1%) to ensure safety, and to avoid any potential risk of skin irritation.

TESTED FOR SAFETY. All our products go through rigorous testing protocols before they get to you. Every formula we use is tested for stability and over time, as well as for sensitivity against different skin types.

 THE TAKEAWAY: Murchison-Hume is an Australian, family-owned brand (not a huge multinational, masquerading as a small brand).  We never cut corners to increase profits, and are here for you, delivering the safest, best-looking, best-smelling products on the market since 2008.

If you have more questions about what to do with any remaining Laundress products, you can find more information here.