LIKE BUTTAH: Melt-in-your-Mouth Brisket

LIKE BUTTAH: Melt-in-your-Mouth Brisket

JOAN NATHAN’S BRISKET RECIPE (With a few changes by Cherie.) 

From Joan Nathan’s Cookbook 

 My favorite thing about the Jewish Holidays is that they are all about family and almost always conclude with a delicious meal. I especially enjoy Hanukkah, the festival of lights. Who doesn't love something twinkly and a procession of Latkes and gifts that lasts eight days?!  

 But the centerpiece of our Hanukkah dinner is usually a great brisket. My recipe is a simplified take on the classic Joan Nathan recipe. My husband loves it because it's slathered with onions and smells like the Hanukkahs of his childhood. I've been making it for so long I haven't looked at her recipe in ages. But, re-reading it now re-affirms my opinion that this is a perfect example of a great Holiday dinner: Timeless, seasonless, endlessly versatile, and easy to make (once you secure the best Brisket cut from the butcher, of course)! 

 You can tailor it to suit whatever you have in the fridge (mushrooms, carrots, even canned tomatoes in a pinch!) Only the onions are non-negotiable. No Jewish Brisket worth the name is complete without them. All the other ingredients are already in your pantry. 

No matter how you celebrate, I hope you try it and enjoy!  

-Cherie xx



  • 5-7lb Brisket 
  • ¼ Cup Light Brown Sugar 
  • 2tbs. Kosher Salt 
  • 2tbs. Fresh Ground Pepper  
  • 1tsp. Onion Powder 
  • 1tsp. Garlic Powder 
  • ¼ tsp. Cayenne Pepper 
  • 6-8 Cloves of garlic 
  • 3 Large Onions 
  • Mushrooms, potatoes, carrots, or any vegetable that will stand up to roasting (optional) 
  • Unsalted Butter 
  • Olive Oil 



1. Combine all spices, set aside
2. Slice Garlic 

3. Unwrap the Brisket and pat dry. (Place on enough foil to wrap completely) 
4. Score Brisket every 1-2 inches 

5. Insert Garlic Slices into Brisket 
6. Rub Spices all over the Brisket- Including the fatty side 

7. Wrap tightly in foil and refrigerate for 6-24 hours 

8. Slice onions into rings and saute in butter and olive oil. 
9. Placed cooked onions in a baking dish big enough to hold the Brisket. 
10. Pre-Heat oven to 250°  
11. On the Stovetop, heat a Dutch oven or heavyweight pan with olive oil large enough to hold the Brisket.  
12. Sear Brisket on all sides and then place Brisket on top of onions and any vegetable-fat side down!
13. Cover with foil 
14. Cook at 250° for 30-40 minutes per pound.  
15. Let rest for 1 hour before slicing.