Our Father’s Day Gift Guide

Our Father’s Day Gift Guide

Let’s be honest, for most of us, father’s are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for. After all, what do we get the men that already have everything? We have noticed that all too often, Father's Day is used as an opportunity to ask for things that they need rather than what they will truly enjoy when they use. Especially for those dads who are more particular about how they keep their spaces and belongings, finding the right quiet luxuries for them can be an extra challenge.

On the bright side, Father’s Day can also be a chance to give a gift that will nudge them into finer tastes, try something new and maybe even encourage them to take better care of their belongings and their spaces. To celebrate all that they do, and make shopping for them a little easier, here’s a list of taste-making gifts for dad.

Leather Cleaner

The perfect solution to polish and protect all his leather goods. Whether it’s his wallet, shoes, workbag, or belt; our Leather Cleaner will protect against water stains and cracking while giving his leather a smooth finish. It can also be used for any of his wood or stone products as well!

A Classic Candle

The quintessential gift; and for good reason! Because Dad deserves to unwind here and there as well. Candles are a great way to easily add sophistication and a little bit of taste to almost any spot in the house, and no, they don’t all smell like flowers- there are plenty of masculine smells out there that he will love.

Fragrance & Diffuser Combo

Whether he's driving to work or chauffeuring the kids, help Dad get his car looking great and smelling even better with our Fragrance Oil and Car Diffuser Combo. It’s heavy weight stainless steel design can fit in almost anywhere and won't clash with his style or stick out like a sore thumb.

A Ceramic Catch-All Tray

For the Dad who may need a little organization in his life; without any of the flashiness. This Catch-All Ceramic Tray is an easy and classy way to keep all of his things in one tidy place without the pressure.