Our Hydrating, All-Natural Sunset Oil Has a Hidden Talent

Our Hydrating, All-Natural Sunset Oil Has a Hidden Talent

This Little-Known Super-Ingredient in Our Sunset Oil Is About to Be Everywhere

You’ve heard of Kakadu plum, and there’s nothing new about Tea Tree Oil—but you probably haven’t heard of the star ingredient of our new all-natural, hydrating Sunset Oil: Kangaroo Paw extract. No, it’s not what you think: Kangaroo Paw extract is derived from its namesake flower, which blooms in a range of vibrant, yellows, greens, and reds in the pattern akin to kangaroo’s paw. Because of its natural healing and soothing abilities, it’s been used by indigenous Aussies to help heal wounds and burns, making it a fantastic yet undiscovered super-ingredient for dry, dehydrated, or just plain dull skin.

Not into body oils? I get it: It took me well into adulthood to understand the genius of a good body oil. I thought they were exclusively for anyone pregnant—or anyone that didn’t mind feeling like a greaseball for an entire day. As it turns out, on top of using the wrong oils, I was also applying them incorrectly. So, when our luxurious, restorative Sunset Oil arrived on my desk, I was slightly hesitant. Wouldn’t it leave me super greasy? (No.) Won’t it stain my clothes? (Also no.) Won’t I end up smelling like I just left a spa all day long? (Yes, actually.)

The nourishing oil truly smells like a trip to the hot springs—and though it’s fantastic on its own as a post-shower moisturizer, I prefer to think of it as the twin flame to our Fascia Brush. I rub a generous amount on each of my limbs and torso, then I go to work: the brush’s little wooden nubs are designed to massage and smooth out the connective tissue beneath the skin. Using it with Sunset Oil helps boost circulation, release tension, improve lymphatic drainage, and even reduce the appearance of cellulite.

If you’re not sold on it yet, I’ve found one very intriguing unintended consequence: When the kangaroo paw extract combines with silver fir needle oil—the Sunset Oil’s other top-billed ingredient—it has the unlikely effect of repelling mosquitoes. I have a lovely outdoor space that my partner and I spend a lot of time using, and we usually end up getting eaten alive if we forget to light the citronella candle. As it turns out, every time I used the Sunset Oil, I was completely spared—but my partner was left with dozens of bites. Not a bad bonus if you ask me.

No matter how you use the Sunset Oil—as a body moisturizer, a massage or intimate oil, or as a natural way to keep the mozzies at bay—it’s totally worth it. See you on the terrace for Happy Hour!

xx LC