Spring Cleaning Time? Always Do This One Thing Before You Start

Spring Cleaning Time? Always Do This One Thing Before You Start

You dug out your cleaning supplies, put on the rubber gloves, and prepped to clean every inch of your home. You may have the right supplies and all of the time in the world, but there’s one more thing to do before you start the actual cleaning: declutter! A common spring cleaning mistake is relegating all of the decluttering and organizing to your clothes and accessories—but there are three other places you need to tackle before you even think about scrubbing the floors.

Linen Closet

If your linen closet looks anything like mine, it’s a mishmash of freshly washed towels, mismatched washcloths, a few beach blankets, and bedsheets that you hold onto “just in case.” It’s basically the junk drawer of soft goods. When you’re done going through your clothes and shoes, move to your linen closet. Get rid of anything you haven’t used in two years, then donate any duplicates to a nearby shelter. (If something is sitting in there that you can’t bear to part with, now’s the time to wash it.)

Makeup Bag & Beauty Cabinet

No matter how much or little beauty storage space you have, you probably fill it to the brim. Before you wrap up your seasonal cleaning, go through everything in your vanity and makeup bag with a fine-tooth comb: Are there products you’ve opened that have since separated or expired? Have you been using the same makeup brushes for months without thoroughly cleaning them? Do you have a drawer filled with free samples that you never use? Get rid of anything that’s past its prime—and replace anything that’s broken or on the way out before the month it up.

Refrigerator & Pantry

You may have thoroughly cleaned the countertops, wiped down your appliances, and cleared the drain—but there are a few more kitchen areas you need to pay attention to. Namely, your refrigerator, pantry, and Tupperware drawer. Start with the fridge and get rid of anything past its expiration date, then toss anything in the pantry that looks questionable. Now’s also a great time to make sure items like your flour and sugar—both common places for ants or other vermin to hide if left unsecured—as well as reconfigure any organizational issues you may have.

If you’re still searching for a more compressive task list, download our free SPRING CLEANING CHECKLIST to help you navigate seasonal cleaning and keep you motivated. To make it easier, we like to spread it out over a month and break the whole thing down into targeted cleaning goals that you can do at your own pace over a series of nights or a couple of hours each weekend! By following this guide, you’ll get it all done without getting overwhelmed and you’ll be rewarded with a happier, healthier, and more stress-free home at the end of it.

xx LC