Spring is a Good Time to Break Your Paper-Towel Habit with these Gorgeous Cloth Napkins

Spring is a Good Time to Break Your Paper-Towel Habit with these Gorgeous Cloth Napkins

Nothing says "Grown Up" quite like a crisp linen napkin. But people worry about the extra work required to care for them. The truth is that cloth napkins are easier than disposable paper towels.

Stay with me: A monogrammed napkin ring is the key to cutting down your paper napkin use (or, god forbid, using paper towels as napkins). Real napkin rings are not the fussy embellishments you see at parties—nope! Proper napkin rings are for family dinners and aren’t usually invited to parties. They are a practical tool that allows each diner to reuse their napkin multiple times between washings.

TOP TIP: You can find new or vintage napkin rings to suit any budget. Hallmarked silver is the most expensive, but you can find good-looking, more affordable versions made from stainless steel, brass, pewter, or silver plate. Anything works, as long as they are engravable! Since they should be personal to each family member, they don’t have to match! Look for them online or at estate sales to snag a bargain.

But let’s start by choosing the right napkin. A great place to start is with a basic cotton/linen blend. We recommend a timeless white plus a neutral color that can transition from your Spring table right through the Holidays.

Cotton/Linen napkins are more durable and machine washable than plain linen, so you can use them without sweating spills or stains. And if the worst happens, and somebody spills red wine and then tries to clean it up with one of your napkins, you can relax because we can help with that, too.

PRO TIP: If you use dryer balls, take them out and fold them while they're still warm from the dryer; you don't even have to iron them.

A stack of these casually elegant napkins means you can focus on enjoying quality time with your loved ones, knowing that your table will look elegant enough for a Swans-style dinner party or elevate your lunchtime leftovers.

PRO TIP: Start by laying a fresh tablecloth as the foundation, then add our classic linen napkins folded neatly beside or on top of each place setting. Pair them with seasonal foliage or blooms (keeping them low) and sprinkle some Easter candy across the table for a fun burst of color.

Whether hosting Easter brunch or looking for the perfect Hostess Gift, now's a great time to stock up on these timeless cloth napkins. Elevate your dining experience, bid adieu to paper waste, and say hello to effortless elegance with Murchison-Hume Cotton Linen Napkins.


Happy Easter, Bunnies!

Xx, mlk