STAYCATION: How to Plan Your Holiday at Home

STAYCATION: How to Plan Your Holiday at Home

I’m an out-and-proud, dedicated Homebody, so not being able to travel anywhere fun for the last 2 years wasn't so bad for me. I love plodding around the house; gardening, and generally being a Happy House Nerd.  

But this year, it seems like everyone we know is on Holiday somewhere. EVERYONE! We’re on austerity measures this year to save up for a trip abroad next year, so we’re staying home all summer long. So, I’ve decided to create a fun Holiday-at-Home situation to mitigate that creeping case of FOMO when I scroll through my feed.  

How to Plan Your Staycation

1. Unplug From Technology

I normally check my emails even when I'm on holiday, but I am trying to make a genuine effort not to crack the laptop during my designated "Staycation" days. Once you start opening emails, it's game over.  

2. Make A Plan

Get your Friends & Family onboard with your proposed downtime, and make sure you have some fun things to do. Just staying home isn't going to feel like a Holiday (especially if you work at home like me). Try to plan your days & nights the way you would if you were really on a trip. You don't have to go crazy with a tourist-y schedule. Try visiting your local Farmers Market or even a new café with great coffee you’ve been dying to try. Don’t forget your To-Go Cup!

3. Hotel At Home

I decided to treat us all to fresh linen sheets (we needed them anyway). I cut greenery and succulents, put them in cute vases, sprayed everything with Room Spray, and put new candles in every bathroom. 

4. Create a Backyard Resort

Our house is still pretty new (to us), but I got a few “extras” to make it even more inviting to be in our backyard. I moved our patio furniture around, ordered new umbrellas and string lights for the terrace, and put Turkish Towels behind every patio chair for cozy alfresco dinners! 

5. Set Up A Bar

Cocktails anyone? Now's the perfect time to shake things up behind the bar (you're not going anywhere, so you don't have to drive or even worry about finding an Uber)! We put a summer spin on our spritzer recipe by adding frozen watermelon cubes made with basil + Simple Syrup. They go down very nicely. Make a pitcher. 

6. Book A Spa Day

Get a few pampering things to take bath time to the next level. Add some sext bath products and luxuriate in the tub a little longer than you usually would. If you do a dry brush session before the bath and a fascia brush afterward, you'll feel like you've had a full-on spa treatment.

7. Take “Holiday” Snaps

I'm making a point to take more photos of the family, even at home. The boys are both at college this year, so we want to savor our precious time with them. They might complain about your paparazzi efforts, but take them anyway! You'll all be glad you did someday.  

A Staycation might not top a trip to Sardinia, but if you have the right attitude and make the most of your downtime, a home stay may be one of the most relaxing Holidays you've ever had. At least you don't have to go through an airport! 

Xx, mlk