STYLEHAWK: 5 Best Bath Towels

STYLEHAWK: 5 Best Bath Towels

Who doesn't love a thick, fluffy bath towel?, actually.  

The thought of stepping out of a hotel shower, dripping wet only to be confronted with an absurdly thick towel annoys me to distraction. You can't wrap them around your head, they aren't absorbent, and they take absolutely ages to dry. It's like trying to wipe yourself off with a stuffed animal. Plah! Like pizza crust preferences, bath towels are deeply personal. Give me a crisp, thin, Turkish Towel over a Deep-Dish terry any day! 

This week, we have Australian Tastemaker, Susan Sheller, who’s iconic Australian made beach towels became a status symbol for the sailing set. She’s on deck to help us weave through the loopy world of terry and has found the 5 Best Bath Towels on the Internet. 

BEST BUDGET: Tens Towels at Amazon

These are the towels I wish I sent my sons off to college with!

PROS: Made in Green and Oekotex certified. They’re perfectly presentable, and you won’t cry when they don’t come home.

CONS: They’re pretty basic. This is not a statement towel.


PROS: There’s something about those sailor stripes that stopped me in my tracks! I would love these layered with a classic white towel for a more textured look. 

CONS: Crazy expensive, so get the solid towels elsewhere.

BEST ORGANIC: Coyuchi Air Weight

PROS: Coyuchi always gets it right, and these lightweight organic towels come in the best color palette.

CONS: Dusty Coral (the best color) is currently sold out in the bath towel :(

BEST TEXTURED: Welhome Franklin on Amazon

PROS: Love the weave, color palette, and price!  

CONS: Only sold as a set, so you have to buy the hand and face towels if you want the bath towel. 


MH is always good for an elevated version of anything home, and these towels are no exception. These are reversible, so I like to layer them over classic terry towels, for a more layered look. 

PROS: Completely reversible, and versatile for bed, bath, beach or gym. Soft, actually absorbent and even stylish enough to wear as a wrap when the sun goes down. 

CONS: Not for people who are married to terry… 


xx, Susan Sheller