STYLEHAWK: The 5 Best Oven Mitts

STYLEHAWK: The 5 Best Oven Mitts

Oven Mitts are the unsung heroes of Kitchen equipment. They are largely ignored, until you need them to pull a hot baking dish from the oven, and then they get tossed back into a drawer, until they are called into service again. I rarely even wash mine, despite the fact they get oily or messy with almost every use. 

This year, I decided to replace my almost 10-year-old ones and I was delighted to know that there have been some design-led options out there. Here’s what we found: 

BEST BUDGET: Glasstore Cotton Oven Mitts  

PROS: I like the elegant simplicity of this mitt. Its linen-look fabric looks easy to clean, and at this price, you can wash them often and replace them yearly.  

CONS: The white fabric is chic but prone to staining.  


BEST LUXE: DutchDeluxe Leather Oven Mitt 

PROS: Who even knew there was such a thing as a luxury oven mitt? This full-grain leather beauty is heat resistant to 464° F and will get softer and more beautiful with use.   

CONS: Pricey and also sold as a single mitt. 

BEST MINI: Cuisinart Chambray Neoprene Mini Oven Mitts 

These mini-mitts are great while working at the stove and don't need glove-length protection. They give you a secure grip and are safer than a potholder or a tea towel!   

PROS: Perfect to use while using a wok or cast-iron pan.   

CONS: You still need a full-length pair to protect your arms from a hot oven rack.   


BEST SILICON + FABRIC HYBRID: Sycamore Home Oven Mitts

Silicon mitts provide more heat resistance but can be stiff and hard to use. The best new mitts combine the flexibility of fabric with robust silicone.   

PROS: They offer the best of both worlds.  

CONS: Some styles can be as clunky as a full silicone glove. 

BEST OVERALL: KitchenAid Beacon Non-Slip Oven Mitt Set 

This is the Goldilocks of Oven Mitts: not too stiff, not too soft, and with handy loops to hang them where you need them.   

PROS: Great price, great colors, great mitts. 

CONS: We can’t think of one! 



Ok, not exactly an oven mitt, but we all loved these suede potholders.