Time to Get Cozy

Time to Get Cozy

When it comes to linens, everyone knows about Egyptian cotton. But the best-kept secret in linen closets all over the world is Turkish cotton which is every bit as luxurious but dries twice as fast thanks to the long fibers and flatweave. 

We’ve brought in beautifully designed Turkish throws and towels that will go the distance (and look good doing it). 

Just in time for Spring, we brought back these pretty Turkish pestemals. Whenever I venture out these days, I roll one up and take it with me. I use them as a light shawl, to cover my Uber or restaurant seat, and of course, in my own car, they’re essential to keep bare legs from getting scorched on hot car seats! They’re great at the Gym, beach, or as a lightweight picnic or baby blanket. I have a few rolled up in a big basket at home and we sit on use them whenever we eat on the sofa! 

And speaking of the sofa…these beautiful cotton throws are just right for snuggling on sofa during your next Netflix binge. They are so comfy and instantly turn your bed or sofa into a little design moment 

xx, mlk