The 8 Essential Cleaning Tools Every Home Should Have

The 8 Essential Cleaning Tools Every Home Should Have

You have to keep the house clean, but cleaning doesn’t have to be ugly (or boring). In fact, I started this company with one goal in mind: To elevate the mundane jobs we do each day to make them more enjoyable!

I’m not saying that scrubbing out the oven is a party, but there’s something very satisfying about cleaning, especially when you have the right gear. Like any job, having the proper tools is half the battle. Luckily, we happen to have a lot of really great tools!

These are the Must-Have Cleaning tools I'm using right now:

The Right Duster

Dust gets everywhere. You need to stay on top of it before you grow a dust-bunny farm (less cute than it sounds). I found the best way to do that is to make sure I have good-looking, zero-waste dusters handy. They work just as well as those polluting “Swiffer” disposable ones, minus the expensive waste. Our Feather and Lambswool Dusters are a pleasure to look at and use. 

I use the Feather one for flicking dust from delicate items, like lampshades and plants, and the Lambswool for more heavy-duty dusting on bookshelves. Buy them both and you’re done with disposables for good!

A Dustpan and Brush

Totally essential for quick cleanups. I use mine at least once a day for anything from spilled coffee grounds to runaway Cheerios. Of course, there are cheaper, plastic versions, but a horsehair hand broom and white metal dustpan will go the distance, and look good doing it.

The Right Dish Brush

Dishes are probably my least favorite household chore, but these Dish and Bottle brushes make short work of washing up, and honestly look a lot better than their plastic counterparts. For hard-core, crusted-on stuff (hello, lasagna pan!), I break out the big guns: a mesh scouring cloth that gets the job done without scratching. I know. It’s a miracle. Buy it once and keep it forever.

A Modern Dish Rack.

Even the most dedicated aesthetes will resort to a plastic dish rack. No need! The Yamazaki dish rack doesn’t just look like a minimal Japanese masterpiece, it’s also super smart. There’s a hidden self-draining spout so excess water drains back into the sink. Genius.

Eco Friendly Sponges

I have strong opinions about sponges. That's a weird statement, but hear me out: You should never use a sponge for washing dishes. Never! Left wet, they are literal bacteria farms. Not to mention, the common supermarket sponges are mostly synthetic and end up in our ecosystem (and our seafood) as microplastic that never breaks down, which means we're eating it. Ugh, no thanks!

But I’m not anti-sponge. It just has to be the right sponge: A real one. That means natural completely biodegradable, sustainable sponges that can be tossed in the compost once their life cycle is over. Just promise me that you’ll use it for cleaning, not for doing the dishes.

Catch- All Trays

You already have our iconic Dish Soap, Hand Soap, and Hand Cream sink-side, but you wanted a bigger tray to house them all, so we delivered! Our new Large Format, porcelain tray will protect your surfaces, and can hold everything you need sink-side with ease. It also makes a lot of sense in the bathroom to corral your favorite skincare products, or on your bedside table to keep your specs, your jewelry, and a hot or cold glass of something right where you need it.

Flour Sack Cloths

Thick, expensive dish towels are pretty, but they're a bit like trying to dry your dishes with a teddy bear. Cute, but impractical. These thin towels are virtually lint-free, quick to dry, and the go-to kitchen cloth of top chefs everywhere. These come in a sophisticated palette that won’t show stains like the traditional white ones. It also doesn’t hurt that the whole rumpled, neutral vibe feels like something straight out of a Nancy Meyers movie. And, not to brag, but our products have actually been featured in a Nancy Meyers kitchen before, so we know what we’re talking about.

Cleaning Caddies

A place for everything (and everything in its place) is one of our favorite mottos. I use multiples of a little bamboo caddy to organize my bathroom drawers, hold spices and house my favorite garden tools. They create storage wherever you need it, fit under the tiniest cabinet and also look great stacked and left out on a countertop or shelf.

Time to upgrade your Cleaning Cupboard!