how to use a fascia brush

The Truth About Cellulite | How to Use a Fascia Brush

All women have cellulite. OK, not all women. But nine out of ten women develop some of it after puberty regardless of weight or body type. It's a fact of life, and we need to stop obsessing over it. I know this intellectually but I still don't like it.  

Cellulite (even the word bugs me) is normal body fat pushing through the connective tissue that holds our insides together. Have you ever cut into a raw chicken breast and seen that white, stretchy film between the meat and the skin? That's fascia (pronounced fah-sha).  

When fascia becomes stressed through injury or inactivity, it can thicken and form painful knots or limit mobility. It also tightens around our body fat that pushes through fascia like a mesh. That's what creates the dimpling effect commonly known as cellulite.  

So, what to do about it?  

There’s no magic cream or treatment to eradicate cellulite. Sorry. But there are things you can do that will not only minimize dimpling but also ease muscle tension, amp up circulation and blood flow, and generally make you feel more relaxed and fluid. 

    1. MOVE. Just getting up and walking for 10-minutes a day can help to decrease joint and muscle pain. If you have a desk job, set a timer to get up at least once an hour, to walk or stretch to avoid that tight, hunched-over feeling. 
    2. STRETCH. You don’t have to do the full Yogi, but simple stretches everyday will help ease muscle fatigue and smooth out those kinks we get from sitting all day.   
    3. ROLL IT OUT. I bought a foam roller three years ago and I use it every single day. I grind my teeth in my sleep and if I don't roll out my neck and back in the morning, my shoulders get tight and painful. 
    4. EAT WELL. Let me say this again: Cellulite has nothing to do with weight. I've seen willowy models with plenty of cellulite. Having said that, eating more leafy greens and foods with antioxidants will help improve digestion and combat free radicals that contribute to cellulite formation.  
    5. DRY-BRUSHING. You know this. Dry-Brushing not only makes your skin look and feel better, but it increases circulation, which  aids cell renewal, and minimizes the appearance of cellulite.
    6. FASCIA BRUSHING. Fascia Blasting became a thing when Ashley Black launched her device in 2015. I bought one immediately but never got used to the ungainliness of this huge plastic handlebar or the severe bruising it caused on my legs and stomach. Ouch. I decided to make a smaller, plastic-free version that I can easily use everyday with oil when I get out of the shower.  
    7. HEAT. We’re all familiar with the restorative effects of a long, hot bath.  That heat doesn't just feel good. Heat from hot water or a sauna has been proven to aid in muscle recovery. This is especially effective after exercise.
    8. HYDRATE. Any Health and Wellness guru worth her Lululemon's will tell you to drink more water. Not drinking enough water will make your skin dry and thin, which in turn, highlights dimpling. Enough said.

Bottom line? Love your body, but also take good care of it. A few minor tweaks to your daily routine can yield major results. Plus, you’ll look better in shorts. 😎 


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