baby shampoo

Better Bath Time For Your Baby

We spend months obsessing over every toy they play with, spend hours pureeing organic vegetables from our own gardens, not to mention all of the research put in before you settled on the PERFECT humidifier for the baby’s nursery. So why don't we put that same kind of energy into finding the best shampoo for your little ones?  

There’s nothing more precious than your baby’s soft, supple skin. It’s also their largest organ—and anything you put on their body or scalp will be absorbed into their little, brand new body. That’s why it’s scary to know the creepy chemicals that some of the most popular brands of newborn shampoo are filled with. Hard-to-pronounce ingredients like cocamidopropyl betaine, artificial fragrance, and sodium laureth sulfate, can strip natural moisture from a baby’s already delicate skin and hair. This not only strips those delicious baby feels and scents we love, but can also leave them in discomfort. It has been shown, that some of those harsh ingredients, have the ability to remain in an adult’s system for 4-5 days. (That’s even doubly true for someone who’s much smaller and brand new.)

If your baby’s shampoo lathers like you’ve seen in the commercials, that’s a tell-tale sign to ditch it. Only sulfates, which are known to be harsh surfactants, can work up into such a lather. Detergents in these common washes can also strip moisture from the hair and skin, often leading to irritation.

Dial down the chemical count and look for a natural baby shampoo that’s still effective. Our Baby Bath Wash gently cleanses without harmful foaming agents, artificial colors, chemical detergents, that can irritate even the most sensitive skin by relying on olive oil as one of the main ingredients to get the job done. Plus, its fragrance-fee so you can enjoy the precious baby smell for a little longer!

We may not be able to soothe your newborn through a night of feedings, but we can absolutely keep them a little safer.

Xx, Mlk