This Weird Australian Fruit Holds The Secret To Glowing Skin

This Weird Australian Fruit Holds The Secret To Glowing Skin

Finger Limes are an oddly shaped, but highly prized fruit, native to Australia. Once opened, they reveal a little stash of citrus "caviar" that is bursting with flavor and an amazing amount of high-potency vitamin C and antioxidant-rich AHAs.

On my last trip to see one of our favorite extract vendors in Byron Bay, I happened to be struggling with my usual eczema and dry, flaky patches on my chin. Lisa gave me a Finger Lime Caviar serum sample to try. “It’s uncut. Just the pure extract, so please go slowly and wear sunscreen!”

That night I washed my face and reapplied the serum. The texture was unexpected. It felt a little oily, slightly watery, but wow. Just WOW. It stung a little at first, but then my skin calmed right down and by the next morning, the angry redness on my face had faded so much that it was almost invisible. I was hooked.

I called her to order as much as I could carry, then she told me the price. Let’s just say my jaw hit the floor…and not in a good way.

Clutching my (now priceless) little sample like it was a precious jewel,  I landed back in LA, convinced we had to have it for Heales Apothecary.

BTW: The tiny bottle she gave me lasted more than 2 months. It’s so potent, you only need a few drops.

But rather than diluting it with a cheaper carrier oil, I decided to bring this precious fluid to you, exactly how she gave it to me, pure and uncut.

Our Finger Lime Caviar Intensive Serum is the exact same thing I got in Byron Bay. I can hand-to-heart swear that my skin looks the best it's ever been, my skin's been glowing and I haven’t had any eczema since I started using it.

Is it expensive? Yes. But because of its potency, you only need a few drops.

Think of this little bottle is like a power-wash for your complexion, minus the chemical overload.

If you’re struggling with hyperpigmentation, fine lines, surface breakouts, eczema, dull or dry, flaky skin, please give this a try. It helped me, and everyone I’ve introduced to it is now obsessed with it.


Xx, mlk