There Are Only Two Types of Moms

There Are Only Two Types of Moms

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 12. You know you should do something. But what?

The first thing you need to do is identify which type of Mom you are trying to appease. Don’t fall for those hyper-specific lists of gift ideas for “The Outdoorsy Mom,’ “The Crafty Mom,” and “The Mom That Loves to Cook” because you will inevitably get it wrong.

Why? Because there are really only two types of Moms: those with "adult" children and those with offspring still under her custodial care.

Let’s tackle the easiest one first: If Mom is on active duty with ankle-biters still in the nest, let's flip the script. What she might covet more than another "World's Okayest Mom" mug is a golden ticket to me-time.

Gift her a Mother's Day devoid of chores and the soundtrack of children bickering and replace it with the sweet sound of solitude.

This may sound unorthodox and maybe even a bit grumpy, but consider this: for those Moms, every day is "Mother's Day" because she's parenting around the clock, right? Holidays and weekends are just words in the wind for her. 

But hang on there, Bud. This isn’t a get-out-of-gifting-free card. Oh no. You've got to double down on the pampering and thoughtfulness. Start her day with breakfast in bed, sure, but make it special, not just toast and a hastily peeled banana. Presents? Cards? Lay 'em on her like she's royalty. Then, vanish with the kids. Poof! Like magicians. Leave her basking in the glorious absence of "Can I have a snack?" and "She's touching me!"

Roll back in at sundown with dinner—the kind she didn’t have to cook. And then run her an extra nice bath. Think luxury soap, scented oils, the works. A glass of wine isn’t a bad idea, either. This isn't just water in a tub; it's the Pacific Ocean of relaxation.

WAIT: Do yourself a favour and consult with the lady in question before implementing Operation Get Lost, just in case she has other ideas. She might have her heart set on a blockbuster flick, a gabfest with a pal, or an aesthetic adventure at the salon. Or, who knows, her dream day might be wandering her domain in a hair mask and a grin.

JUST ASK HER. Whether it's a whirlwind of activity or a blissful brush with nothingness, gear up to make it happen.

The second type of Mom is even easier to pamper if you do the smart thing and get her to fill out this Gifting Form. If you’re in town, take her out for a meal (or better yet, cook her one, (and then offer to do the washing up). And if you don't live anywhere nearby, send her the form, and make sure you send her something extraordinary.

That’s it; Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be so fraught. If you really leave it for the last minute, we can help you out there, too.

xx, mlk

(Director of Cozy Celebrations)

PS. If you are a Mom reading this, please do everyone a favour by filling out this form and sending it to your offspring and anyone else who might want to buy you a gift. They will thank you for it!