Cleansing Your (Inner) Sole…

We’re not sure exactly when it happened. Maybe when pantyhose went out of style in the 80s?

But for the last few decades, all year long, regardless of the weather, one thing remains constant: Ballerina Flats (and going sockless). We’ve been going commando from the ankles down since our childhood and the advent of “The Official Preppy Handbook.” Going sockless is comfortable and chic! But, wearing shoes without socks does have its drawbacks: sweaty feet; grubby inner soles and a certain eau de foot can all leave their mark on your favorite footwear.

When was the last time you cleaned your inner-soles? It takes less time than waiting for your daily latte and will extend the life of your shoes and keep them looking newer, longer.


Important: Make sure you use a plant-based cleaner or polish to clean your shoes. You don’t want to worry about sketchy silicones or other creepy chemicals leaching into your skin.


How to Clean: Your Inner Soles

1. Spray the cloth (not the leather). An old washcloth is perfect.

2. Work from the inside out, turning over and re-spraying the cloth frequently. Don’t over wet the leather!

3. Let dry and then buff to a high shine.



Spit & Polish is safe for all types of finished leather, rubber, and vinyl. Now, go give your favorite bags the once over. Doesn’t that feel better?