OK, this is the one you’ve been waiting for (or dreading)? For our last big, Spring Cleaning activity, we’re doing windows! Yay!

Listen, I get it, nobody likes washing windows, but it’s like my friend Megan Morton says, “You don’t see clean windows…you feel them.”

It’s all about your approach. I suggest you have a coffee, grab a friend; slip into something really comfy and crank up the tunes. With the right mental attitude, this can be fun! Well…if not fun then at least very wholesome and satisfying, like a fun cardio session with clean windows at the end.

Ready? Let’s DO THIS.

BUT WAIT! Hold up: Make sure to choose a day when it’s not raining (duh) or too sunny. A hot sun will dry the glass faster than you can, leaving streaks.

TIME: (How big is your house)? Better put aside at least 4 hours to do this.



  1. First, brush away any cobwebs or loose dirt from the window frames.
  2. Vacuum the interior of the window frames. Use the brush or smallest attachment to do the frames and tracks, etc.
  3. Remove any old decals or stickers from the glass. Use a cotton ball soaked in cooking oil to dissolve the adhesive and then scrape any remaining sticky residue with an old credit card.
  4. Start spraying! Start with the interior of the window. Spray and wipe from top to bottom and only wipe horizontially inside (trust us*).


  1. I don’t play around outside. I like to start with a good ol’ blast of water from the hose.
  2. Squeeze a generous amount of dish soap into your bucket of water.
  3. Using your sponge soak up a good about of the sudsy water and starting at the top, give the glass a good scrub.
  4. Work your way down from left to right, paying attention to the corners.
  5. Next, use the squeegee. Starting at the top left again, pull the squeegee down vertically. Dry it off after each stroke to avoid re-wetting the glass.
  6. Once you reach the bottom, use your cloth to clean up the muntin bars and any remaining streaks or drops.

*If there are any streaks, you can tell whether they’re inside or out if you kept my advice about wiping only horizontally inside and vertical outside. Clever clogs!


That's was hard work, you deserve a treat. We suggest a healthy salted caramel date shake. Sip it while you enjoy your handiwork and the beautiful natural light from your sparkling clean windows.



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