How To -
Skin Perfecting Body Oil

The easiest way to keep your skin healthy and happy is to keep it hydrated.

A daily moisture boost infused with active cellular plant extracts that nourish skin and bolster its natural protective barrier. It helps minimize the appearance of scars and stretch marks and is ideal for facilitating your daily dry-brushing session.

How to Use: Apply it right after bathing while the skin is damp. You can add some directly to your bath for an extra-soothing soak, and your skin will be silky (and deliciously fragrant) when you get out. If your skin Is extra dry or sensitive, try layering it under your body lotion for double protection against dryness.


AUSTRALIAN BOTANICAL HERO: Sandalwood seed oil (Santalum spicatum) is widely known for improving elasticity, reducing inflammation, and stimulating blood circulation while imparting exceptional hydration to the skin.