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Body Wash

Can a Body Wash Change Your Mood?

Destined to become a Cult Beauty Classic, this is the best Body Wash we've ever tried, period. It's an organic Castile base, but this one is thick enough to shave with. It will leave your skin silky, and both versions smell super sexy/amazing.

Use a bath mitt for best results. Start from your neck and work your way down. Safe for sensitive areas. Rinse, pat dry and immediately follow with a good body oil to seal in vital moisture.

100% Certified Organic and kid-friendly, it's also great for use as a bubble bath! 


AUSTRALIAN BOTANICAL HERO: Buddha Wood Oil (Eremophila mitchellii) This earthy/sexy/botanical essential oil is famously calming and grounding. The phrase “like Zoe Kravitz in Body Wash form” has been bandied around the office. Just saying.

AUSTRALIAN BOTANICAL HERO: Australian Rosewood Leaf (Dysoxylum fraserianum) This essential oil blend is an instant mood booster. It has green middle notes and a sweet citrus finish. We want to wear it as perfume!