How to Clean Windows & Other Glass Around The House

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Certain household cleaning products rely on harsh, toxic chemicals that are known to cause damage to the human body. That’s doubly true when you consider the fact that you can’t mix most of them together, lest you create noxious fumes that can stay in the air for hours or even days. But there’s no need for chemical blue ammonia: We have the perfect non-toxic alternative that leaves your windows, tables, and other glass accessories sparkling clean! Our products never contain harsh chemicals such as ammonia, bleach, dye, formaldehyde, parabens, and phthalates.

That’s true for our premium Glass Cleaner, which effectively cleans everything from your sweat-laden sunglasses, your smudged cell phone screen, and even in between the keys on your MacBook—all without the gross stuff. Here’s how to use it on everything in your home and beyond:

How to Clean Your iPhone, Laptop, or Camera Lenses

Never spray anything—even if it’s just water!—directly on your electronics. Instead, make sure you release any loose debris that can scratch your electronics. Then, grab a towel, spritz on just enough Glass Cleaner for it to be slightly damp—never wet—and wipe with enough pressure to release smudges and debris. It should dry within seconds, but if you notice any residue, grab a dry towel to finish the job.

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How to Clean Windows, Mirrors, Tables

Glass Cleaner does wonders for windows and doors, but don’t forget your etagere’s glass shelves, or your coffee table’s surface. The same goes for oven doors, shower doors, sink faucets, or any other appliance with a glass partition: Make sure any appliances are completely cooled, then spritz Glass Cleaner directly on. Finish with a microfiber cloth or a coffee filter, which can help lend a streak-free shine without any possibility of scratches.

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How to Clean Drinking Glasses, Crystal Vases, Eye Glasses

Don’t forget other items in your home that are made of glass: Give your drinking cups, crystal vases, and even eyeglasses an extra sparkle with Glass Cleaner. After cleaning them with a solution of Dish Soap and warm water, spritz some Glass Cleaner on a microfiber cloth and finish by polishing them clean.